Terregles Athletic

Over the years Terregles village which located 5 miles from Dumfries has provided several different teams to the DDAFL. The present team can trace their roots back to a relocation by Queens Colts, a Dumfries based team run by Thomas McCormick to Terregles at the beginning of the 1987/88 season. The move to Terregles also came with a name change to Terregles Athletic. Queens Colts were formed in 83/84 and played for 4 years in the league under that name. League stalwarts Tony Pireog and Maurice Sproat were involved as officials at both Queens Colts and Terregles Athletic.


Interestingly there was another team with the name of Terregles Athletic who played in the league for three seasons in the late 1960s but they were taken over by Gateside Commercials and folded. Their home matches were played at the Holm Park, Troqueer. After that came Terregles AFC who played for seven seasons from 77/78 to 83/84 and were based at Terregles. Neither of these teams shared a direct link with the present Club.


With new manager John Paul Reid in place the club have moved forward and are starting to put a decent squad together with several ex-South League players providing experience. The club has an advantage at home with their tight pitch so it is never easy for a visiting side. A new pavillion was built several years ago and is shared with ther Terregles youth set-up. The club also have the option of playing their home games at Shawhead. Cup tournaments will prove the best chance of silverware and like all the other sides in the league the club will be hoping this is their season. They reached a final last term and are stronger this year. Perhaps their time will come this season.

Club Colours
First Choice
Black/Red Tops, Black Shorts, Red Socks
Second Choice
Blue/White Tops, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks
Home Park - Terregles Park, Terregles
First Aider
Neil Blyth

Contact Information

John Paul Reid



Martin Dowling


Club Honours
League Membership, 2013/14 will be 31st season of continuous membership (4 seasons as Queens Colts and 27 as Terregles Athletic).


British Legion Cup
Winners - 13/14
Burns Cup
Winners - 13/14
Presidents Cup
Runners-up - 98/99, 01/02

McCall Cup
Runners-up - 90/91

Tayleurian Cup
Runners-up - 02/03, 06/07


Nivison Cup
Runners-up  12/13


Other Awards

Tony Pierog award for Sportsmanship
Winners -87/88, 99/00, 00/01, 06/07


As Terregles Athletic

All Time League Record (27 Seasons)

Played 528 Won 148 Drawn 69 Lost 311

As Queens Colts
Division 2 Top Goalscorers
Winners - 85/86


Presidents Cup
Runners-up - 85/86


Tayleurian Cup
Runners-up - 85/86

As Queens Colts

All Time League Record (4 Seasons)

Played 106 Won 30 Drawn 18 Lost 58



All Time League Record (31 Seasons)

Played 634 Won 178 Drawn 87 Lost 369

Registered Players 2013/14 - 31 Players

Forename Surname Reg No Date Registered Date Released
William Beattie 27473 12/07/2013  
Neil Blyth 32037 12/10/2013  
Sandy Bowie 125488 20/07/2013  
Chris Cloy 170379 12/07/2013  
Sean Currie 68143 02/08/2013  
Doran Davidson 343876 23/04/2014  
Mark Dillon 68655 12/07/2013  
Martin Dowling 28936 02/08/2013  
Ross Findlater 33908 12/07/2013  
Scott Findlater 21716 12/072013  
Ricki Goudie 74981 12/07/2013  
Bobby Green 39973 17/07/2013  
Stephen Green 114031 24/10/2013  
Aaron Halliday 199739 17/07/2013  
Paul Hastings 173419 12/07/2013  
John Howie 75008 12/07/2013  
Sandy Kennedy 40055 17/07/2013  
Shaun Kirk 117708 12/07/2013  
Nicholas Lavan 170447 12/07/2013  
Craig Little 28932 15/01/2014  
Edward Marshall 156673 10/08/2013  
Axl Menlove 125489 24/10/2013  
Paul McCann 41343 20/07/2013  
Paul McDowell 75258 02/08/2013  
Martin Milne 224359 17/07/2013  
Declan Murphy 68747 12/07/2013  
Peter Murray 140854 12/07/2013  
Jordan Nish 126616 17/07/2013  22/09/2013
John Reid 28935 12/07/2013  
Leigh Renwick 74984 02/08/2013  
Stuart Smith 114761 12/10/2013  
Hayden Trainor 122096 20/03/2014  
Greg Walls 34340 10/08/2013  
John Wells 75191 17/07/2013  22/09/2013