Saturday Amateurs

With the demise after 60 years of the Dumfries and District Amateur Football League the clubs that wished to continue have had to explore all the options available to them. Several of the teams have folded and others have stepped up to join the South of Scotland League. Maxwelltown Thistle and Lochmaben have opted to continue on as Saturday amateur sides and as a consequence have joined the North and South Lanarkshire Amateur Football Association.


This association was formed in 2008 after the previous Lanarkshire AFL folded. There are currently 22 clubs in membership of the league with 10 clubs  in the Premier Division and 12 clubs in the First Division. As there is a lot of movement of clubs in the central belt league system there are 7 new clubs in the First Division for the start of the 2014/15 season. 


This is a new adventure for both of the clubs and with the fact that they are part of a big influx of teams into the division there is all to play for.