Presidents Cup

Year       Winners                   Runners Up
1969-70    Nithsdale Amateurs        Robinson and Davidson


Year       Winners                   Runners Up
1970-71    Gateside Commercials      Uniroyal
1971-72    Parkhead                  Lochar Thistle
1972-73    Dumfries HSFPs            Glenmarlin Thistle
1973-74    Upper Annandale           Crichton Royal
1974-75    Upper Annandale           Solway Swifts
1975-76    Morton Thistle            Lochmaben
1976-77    Lochmaben                 Lochar Amateurs
1977-78    Bellevue Rovers           Wanlock Lads
1978-79    Upper Annandale           Annan Athletic Colts
1979-80    Kirkconnel Amateurs       Dumfries HSFPs


Year       Winners                   Runners Up
1980-81    Annan Athletic Colts      Glenmarlin Thistle
1981-82    Dumfries HSFPs            Upper Annandale
1982-83    Noblehill                 Annan Thistle
1983-84    Hoddam Rangers            Glenmarlin Thistle
1984-85    Lochar Amateurs           Hoddam Rangers
1985-86    Hoddam Rangers            Queens Colts**
1986-87    Dumfries HSFPs            Heathhall Hearts
1987-88    Lochmaben                 Gretna Community
1988-89    Abbey Vale                Noblehill
1989-90    Dumfries AFPs             Kirkpatrick Fleming


Year       Winners                   Runners Up
1990-91    Upper Annandale           Heathhall Hearts
1991-92    Glenmarlin Thistle        St. Josephs College FPs
1992-93    Kirkpatrick Fleming       Mid-Annandale
1993-94    Hoddam Rangers            Lochar Thistle
1994-95    Mid-Annandale             Lochar Thistle
1995-96    Kirkton                   Kirkpatrick Fleming
1996-97    Lochar Thistle            Eastriggs
1997-98    Mid-Annandale             Dumfries Amateurs
1998-99    Dumfries Amateurs         Terregles Athletic
1999-00    Abbey Vale                Kirkton


Year       Winners                   Runners Up
not played for*           not played for
2001-02    Kelloholm                 Terregles Athletic**
2002-03    Kelloholm                 Dumfries FC Colts
2003-04    Bellevue Rovers           Upper Annandale
2004-05    Morton Thistle            Lochar Thistle


* not played for due to foot and mouth restrictions.
** Queens Colts changed name to Terregles Athletic.