Personality of the Year

William Cross Personality of the Year

Year       Personality
1981-82    Mr. T. Periog (Kirkconnel Amateurs)
1982-83    Mr. P. Hills (Mid-Annandale)
1983-84    Mr. B. Boyes (Bellevue Rovers)
1984-85    Mr. J. Kirk (DHSFPs)
1985-86    Mr. J. Fleming & Mr. G. Kirk (Lochar Thistle)
1986-87    Colin Cravens (Galloway Rovers)
1987-88    Maxwelltown HSFPs (South of Scotland Cup Winners)
1988-89    D.McGoldrick
1989-90    George Gilbraith (Lincluden Colts)
1990-91    Sam Kerr (Nithsdale Amateurs)
1991-92    Jason Parker (Lincluden Colts)
1992-93    Mrs. A. Periog
1993-94    Mr. David Erskine (Referee)
1994-95    Mr. R. Jardine
1995-96    Mr. J. Scaife (Dumfries Amateurs)
1996-97    Abbey Vale AFC
1997-98    Mid-Annandale AFC
1998-99    Upper Annandale AFC (South of Scotland Cup Winners)
1999-00    George Bain (Nithsdale Amateurs)
2000-01    Stephen Jack (D&G Council)
2001-02    Kirkconnel Amateurs (South of Scotland Cup Winners)
2002-03    Angela Lockhart (League Administration)
2003-04    Neil Boyd and Duncan Purdie (Bellevue Rovers)
2004-05    Mr. Maurice Sproat (League Administration)
2005-06    Mr. Stuart Moscrop (Morton Thistle)
2006-07    Mr. William Wells (Kelloholm AFC)
2007-08    Mr. Dougie Swan (Auditor)

2008-09    Mrs. Anne Wells (First Base Dynamos)

2009-10    Upper Annandale Committee (4 in a row)

2010-11    Mr. George Kirk (Lochar Thistle)


2012-13    Lochmaben Committee

2013-14    Billy Gracie (Morton Thistle)