DDAFL League Records

Cup Competitions - A Brief History

There have been many cups played for during the 50+ years that the league been in existence. Some of these cups have been in palyed for since the very early days others have been introduced along the way. This page details, where records exist, the history of each one.
Newbie Social Cup (League Championship)
The Newbie Social Cup was donated to the league in 1954 by the Newbie Social Club for use as the league championship trophy. The cup has been awarded to the team who has finished top of the league on every occasion except one. The trophy was not awarded in the 1957/58 season due to a protest by Hearts of Heath, stating that their league decider with Troqueer Amateurs, which they lost 6-0, was in fact a friendly match. This was disputed and as no agreement could be arrived at so the trophy was not awarded. The trophy at one time had a lid which was lost sometime over the years.
  • Kirkconnel Amateurs lead the way with 11 titles, Lincluden Swifts 8, YMCA 6, Nithsdale Amateurs 5, Lochmaben and Upper Annandale 3.
  • Kirkconnel Amateurs, Lincluden Swifts, Upper Annandale and Nithsdale Amateurs all have won four titles in a row.
  • There have been 10 unbeaten seasons recorded. Kirkconnel Amateurs have recorded 4 of these. However the only 100% season came in 1964/65 when Lincluden Swifts won all 24 of their league matches.
  • Longest gap between title wins is 36 years by Upper Annandale

David Grant Cup (2nd Division Championship)

The David Grant Cup was presented to the league by Mr David Grant of Thornhill  who was a long standing official of both the league and Morton Thistle and Lincluden Swifts. The trophy was to be used for the new second division championship which began at the start of the 1968/69 season. The number of member clubs  has declined in recent years and as a result the league has reverted to a single division (start of the 04/05 season) so the cup is no longer in use. Some teams have spent very little time in the lower division but others have bounced between the divisions several times and it is these clubs who head the role of honour in respect of most title wins. There have been many clubs who have spent their entire stay in the league in the lower division.


  • Upper Annandale and Lochar Thistle lead the way with 4 titles wins.
  • DHSFP's, Lochar Amateurs and Lochmaben all have 3 titles wins.
  • DHSFPs are the only team to win the title with a 100% record, winning all 18 games in 72/73 season.
  • Bellevue Rovers spent 32 seasons out of 33 in the second division finishing dead last on 5 occasions. They also hold the unenviable record of 25 consecutive seasons in the bottom division.
  • Until the league reverted back to a single division in 04/05 Eastriggs had spent 22 consecutive seasons in the bottom division.

This Cup is missing if anyone knows of its location please contact us.


Tayleurian Cup
The Tayleurian Cup was presented to the league in 1954 by comrade James H Bryden of the Tayleurian Old Boys Association to commemorate a Mrs.Tayleur who was very active in Boys football in the 1920s. As late as the 1970s as group of Old Boys would meet at her grave in New Abbey to commemorate her passing. The cup has been played for since the very first season on a straight knock out basis. The first winners were Lincluden who defeated Maxwelltown Thistle 6-1 in the final which was played at Palmerson Park. League records show that season 78/79 was the only time the cup has not been played for. This cup was new when it was presented to the league for the 1954/55 season.


  • Kirkconnel and Nithsdale lead the way with 7 cup wins each with Lincluden Swifts just behind with 6 wins.
  • Apart from Kirkconnel this has not been a lucky cup for the other current active teams. Lochmaben with 2 wins lead the way with Upper Annandale, YMCA, Lochar Thistle and Maxwelltown Thistle all with 1 win each.
  • Longest gap between wins is 26 by Kirkconnel Amateurs (1966/7 -1991/92)
  • Lochar Thistle won this cup for first time in 2010-11 after 40+ years of trying  

Graham McGowan Perpetual Challenge Bowl/League Cup
The perpetual challenge bowl was the second cup donated to the league after the Newbie Cup and was to be played for on a straight knock out basis. However, because of the donation of the Tayleurian Cup after the AGM in 1954 it was decided to run this cup on a league basis at the start of the season and in the early years it was a carbon copy of the league championship with teams playing each other home and away. Due to fixture congestions this format was dropped after a few years. It was then played for on a knockout basis until 1968 when it was renamed as the League Cup and played for on a mini league basis at the start of each season, with group winners advancing to semi-finals and so on. The introduction of the Burns Cup in the mid-1990s saw the cup format reverting back to a straight knockout. Over the years the cup has not been played for on 3 occasions, the last being due to the foot and mouth restrictions in 00/01. The first winners were the local RAF team from the Heathhall Aeordrome. The mini-league format was brought back again for the 2008/09 season.


  • Kirkconnel lead the way with 9 wins followed by Nithsdale with 8 wins and Lincluden Swifts with 7 wins.
  • Of the other active teams YMCA and Upper Annandale lead the way with 3 wins each.
  • There was a shield that also went with this cup in the sixties/seventies, strangely the shield was awarded to Lincluden Swifts outright at the end of the 70/71 season. Lincluden gave it back when they left the league but is has since been lost.

Queen of The South Cup

The Queen of the South Cup dates back to the 1920s and was originally presented to the then Juvenile League by Queen of the South FC. The cup was played for in that league for 10 years or so. There is not much history known of what become of it after that but it resurfaced again when the cup was presented to the DDAFL at the start of the 1957/58 season with Drungans Swifts the ICI works team as the first winners.This cup has been the premier knockout trophy that is competed for in the league with this being the only current final to be played at Palmerston Park, home of Queen of the South FC.


  • Kirkconnel Amateurs have won the Cup on 11 Occasions and also featured in another 4 finals. Nithsdale Amateurs come next with 6 wins with another 5 cup final appearances.
  • Nithsdale Amateurs hold the record for consecutive wins with 5 in a row between 73-77.
  • Upper Annandale have suffered defeat a record 6 times with Nithsdale just behind with 5 final defeats. However, both teams do have 2 final victories to their name.
  • Longest gap between wins is 38 by Upper Annandale (1970/71 - 2007/08)
  • Lochmaben won this cup for the first time in 2009/10 after many years of trying

British Legion Cup

The British Legion Cup has been played for on a total of 52 times since it's inception in 1957/58. The first name on the cup was Western Thistle. The cup was presented by the British Legion Association to the league in 1957 in readiness for the new season but interestingly there are pictures of a similar looking cup also called the British Legion Cup which was played for in the late 1940s in the old Juveniles League.


  • Kirkconnel Amateurs lead the way with total wins, having won the trophy 6 times. Next on the list come Nithsdale Amateurs with 5 wins, followed by the YMCA with 4 wins. Other current teams apart from Kirkconnel and the YMCA that have won the trophy are Morton Thistle (3 wins), Lochar Thistle (2 wins), Lochmaben (2 wins), Maxwelltown Thistle (2 wins) and Upper Annandale (1 win). Not counting new teams in the league this leaves Terregles Athletic as the only current team still to lift the trophy.
  • After taking 15 years to win the cup for a first time it then took Lochar Thistle a further 21 years to win it for a second time. It took Upper Annandale 37 attempts to finally lift the trophy, Lochmaben weren't that far behind, it took them 32 years of trying. The last of Morton Thistle's wins was 28 years ago.

Bill Brown Cup

The Bill Brown Cup was presented to the league by Lincluden Swifts Manager and Chairman Bill Brown and was played for on 14 occasions from the early-sixties to mid-seventies. In its day this was a keenly contested cup. The cup was withdrawn when Lincluden Swifts moved to the Southern Counties League in the late 1970s. The Cup was then used in the Youth League in the late 1970s for the U14 age group.


  • Nithsdale Amateurs have won the cup the most times with 5 wins. All of these coming in a 5 in a row streak in the seventies.
  • Lincluden Swifts were the first winners and have won the cup a total of 4 times. Colts and Morton Thistle are two time winners with DHSFPs being the only other winners.

Tennent Caledonian Cup

The Tennent Caledonian Cup was played for as a second division cup on 5 occasions in the early 1970s. Lochar Thistle liked this cup as they won it on the first 2 occasions as well as once later on when the cup was used as a Supplementary Cup for all teams. Colliston Star from Dalbeattie won this cup in their only season in the league in 1973/74. Solway Swifts from Annan and Colts AFC were the other second division winners. League records show that the Lorimer Cup replaced the Tennent Caledonian Cup in the league itinery for the 76/77 and 77/78 seasons. It was used again as a the Supplementary Cup for all teams a further 3 seasons before being mothballed, Mid-Annandale won it two of the three years, Lochar were the other winners. It appeared again in 94/95 again as a Supplementary Cup for the second division when the competition was played in two sections, with the section winners playing off in a final. Kirkpatrick Fleming were the winners defeating Kirkton 1-0 at the Holm Park.

Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup was introduced for the start of the 1969/70 season and has only ever been a second division cup, the last time it was contested was the 2003/04 season after which the league reverted back to a single division. It has been played for in every season except one, the 00/01 season when the foot and mouth outbreak severly curtailed the amateur league programme. The cup itself was presented to the league by then league chairman W.Brown. It was not new as it had to be repaired and re-plated before it could be presented at the end of the 69/70 season. It was replaced in 1980 when Norman Blount provided a new cup.


  • Upper Annandale lead the way with 4 wins. Of the other current teams, Morton Thistle, and Lochmaben have 2 wins to their name. Lochar Thistle have one win. None of the other present teams have won this trophy.
  • Longest gap between wins is 21 by Morton Thistle (1974/75 - 2004/05)

Skol International Cup

This cup was introduced late in the 1969-70 season and was presented to the league by Mr.Watson a director of Ind Coope Brewers on the condition that it was competed for that season. This caused problems for the match secretary as he already had a full fixture list. The solution was to play the cup over a single week in early June. The first winners were Lincluden Swifts who defeated Colt AFC 4-0 in the final. The cup was  up for grabs for 12 years before being replaced by the Octocentinery Cup for one season after which the McCall Cup was used.


  • Nithsdale Amateurs lead the way with 4 wins, the other teams with more than one win are  Lincluden Swifts and Kirkconnel Amateurs with two.
  • The other winners were Colts, Heathhall Hearts, Mid-Annandale and Annan Athletic Colts.

Sovro Cup

The Sovro Cup was donated in 1977 by local company Sovro Timber Preservation Ltd and was played as an open entry cup for 17 years until the 93/94 season. No club really dominates the role of honour with four clubs, Abbey Vale, Nithsdale Amateurs, YMCA and Morton Thistle all having two wins apiece. Upper Annandale, Kirkconnel Amateurs, Lochar Thistle and Lochmaben all have one win each.

Usher Vaux Cup

This was a  brewery sponsored cup presented to the the league in 1973 by Usher Vaux Brewery. The cup lasted for three years before sponsorship was withdrawn as brewery were taken over by Lorimer's Brewers. The cup was returned to Lorimer's and was replaced by a new cup bearing Lorimer's name (see Lorimer Cup). Nithsdale Amateurs won it for the first two years before Lochar Amateurs lifted it in it's final year. Heathhall Hearts were losing finalists on two occasions.

Lorimer Cup

The Lorimer Cup replaced the Usher Vaux Cup in 1976 as Lorimer's Brewers had taken over Usher Vaux. It was played for in only two seasons in the late seventies befor sponsorship was withdrawn. Both winners came from Sanquar, Nithsdale Amateurs winning 76/77 and Young's Painters in 77/78.

Bill Nivison Memorial Cup

Bill Nivison was a newspaper reporter from the Sanquar area who was involved in and supported amateur football for many years. The cup was presented to the league by his family after his death. It was first played for during the 86/87 season. For the first year it was a limited competition and in the first final the YMCA defeated Kello Rovers 3-2 at Palmerston. In subsequent years it has been an open entry cup played at the end of the season and clubs can opt out if they wish. For the past few seasons it has been played in a knock out format.


  • Kirkconnel Amateurs have won this trophy on 5 occasions with the YMCA and Lochmaben both with 3 wins.
  • Of the other teams presently playing in the league only Lochar Thistle and Upper Annandale have won the trophy.
  • In season 06/07 it was played in a mini league format for the first time. It reverted back to knockout format for 07/08.

Robert Burns Bi-Centinery Cup

The cup was presented to the league in time for the 1996/97 season by Mr. Tom Gibson the proprieter of the Burns Cafe inn Dumfries and until the 2007/08 season the cup was sponsored by the Burns Cafe. The cup has a new sponsor for the 2008/09 season with the Lochar Inn taking over. It is normally the first cup of the season and is played for in group sections with the winners and runners up going through to the semi-finals although for the 2008/09 season it will be changed to a straight knockout format. During the days when this was played in group stages a trophy was awarded for the top goalscorer in competition. The Lochar Inn have recently taken over sponsorship of this cup.


  • Lochmaben lead the way with 6 wins, Kirkconnel are next up with 4 wins. The YMCA, Upper Annandale and Lochar Thistle are the only other current teams who have won this cup.

McCall Cup

The McCall Cup was donated to the league in 1986. It was used for the 86/87 as an open cup and remained that way for another season. After that it was used as a second division cup along with the Presidents Cup. When the league reverted to a single division in 04/05 the cup was mothballed. However, in 07/08 it was used again as an extra cup as the league fixtures were well ahead. Upper Annandale defeated the YMCA in the final. Interestingly this cup dates back to 1910 and was presented to Aston Villa FC by a W.J.McCall. The cup was used for a one off match between Aston Villa and Bristol Rovers. Bristol who were in the Southern League at the time won the match 2-1 at Villa Park. Further research into how the cup came to be in possession of the DDAFL is ongoing.


  • Mid-Annandale lead the way with 3 victories, Kirkconnel Amateurs have two wins both when the cup was in the open entry format.
  • Apart from Kirkconnel Amateurs, Lochmaben, Uppper Annandale and Lochar Thistle are the only other winners of this cup that are still playing in the league.

Palmerston Supersports Cup

This trophy was donated by the directors of Queen of the South and was for a special invitational competition organised by Nithsdale District Council to be played at the end of each season at the new artificial pitch at the King George V Park in Dumfries. Four teams each from the DDAFL and the Dumfries Sunday League played off in a straight knockout format. The cup was played for on only five occasions in the mid-1990s. Maxwelltown Eagles were the only winners from the Sunday League. The DDAFL winners were Galloway Rovers, Abbey Vale, Lochmaben and Nithsdale Amateurs.


Tony Pierog Cup

This trophy donated by Hon. President Jim Moneagle after Tony's death in 2005. The cup is played for by invitation and usually is between Kelloholm AFC and another invited Upper Nithsdale club.