DDAFL - About Us

The Dumfries and District Amateur Football League is committed to supporting amateur football in Dumfries and the surrounding districts. The league is currently made up of 8 member clubs who come from as far as Annandale as well as the town of Dumfries. Over past 10 years league membership has slowly declined with several clubs moving into senior football in the South of Scotland League. The remaining clubs are all well run by committed groups and most seasons there is little between most of the sides. In recent years Upper Annandale and Lochar Thistle have dominated the league championship with Lochmaben also providing a strong challenge. In cup competitions most of the teams have contested finals with Lochmaben having the most success.
The league season for 2013/14 will consist of 18 league games, with each team playing each other 3 times. There will be also 5-6 cup competitions depending on how  fixtures are progressing. One cup, this year the League Cup, is played at the start of the season in a mini league format, the rest are straight knockout. These are sponsored each season by local business or individuals.

League History
The league was formed in 1954 with 10 member clubs. Over the years the number of clubs has fluctuated between 6 and 29 with one or two divisions depending on the number of member clubs. Currently there are 8 member clubs who play in a single division. Most of the clubs have been members of the league for many years. This will be the league's Diamond Anniversary.


Upper Annandale 47 seasons completed (league record)
Morton Thistle 45 seasons completed
Lochmaben 43 seasons completed
Dumfries YMCA 37 seasons completed
Terregles Athletic 30 seasons completed (4 as Queens Colts)
Maxwelltown Thistle 9 seasons completed (3 spells, latest 5 seasons)
Dynamo Star 5 seasons completed (plus 16 seasons in Dumfries Sunday League)


Alex Baxter Trophy
This inter league trophy was named after Alex Baxter who was a reporter on the Glasgow Evening News and has been won by the association on 2 occasions. The costs of entering the cup have became unsustainable as league membership has declined and as a result the association has not entered for 10 years or so. The league's first win came against Ayrshire in 1967/68 before The Scottish Amateur League were defeated in the 1971/72 season.

President - Maurice Sproat
Vice President - David Nish
Vice President - Steven Todd
General Secretary - Graham Lockhart
Match Secretary - Graham Lockhart
Registrations Secretary - Steven Todd
Treasurer - Jimmy Kirk

National Success

The following Clubs have tasted cup success in National Cup Competitions:

Lincluden Swifts - West of Scotland Cup 62/63, 64/65.
Nithsdale Amateurs - West of Scotland Cup 1975/76
Maxwelltown High School FPs - South of Scotland Cup 86/87
Upper Annandale - South of Scotland Cup 97/98
Kirkconnel Amateurs -South of Scotland Cup 01/02


Dumfries YMCA have contested two South of Scotland finals, losing both.

Life Members

Mr. R.B. Boyes                                                        Mr. R.Love

Mr. R.Biggs                                                              Mr. I.McDowall

Mr.G.Galbraith                                                         Mr.E.McFarlane

Mr.I.Callender                                                          Mr.G.Kirk

Mr.D.Swan                                                               Mr.G.Lockhart

Mr.M.Sproat                                                             Mr.P.Hills

Mr.J.Kirk                                                                  Mr.S.Mathews                      

Mr.D.McFarlane                                                         Mr.B.Boyes                                                     

Mr.R.Coupland                                                          Mr.D.Erskine

Mr.D.Erskine                                                             Mr.W.Murray

Mr.S.Todd                                                                 Mr.W.Dyer